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Adult Rider Clinic May 2-3

Cathy will be having a clinic May 2-3.  Saturday groups will practice grids/ show Jumping and Sunday the groups will school XC at the KHP.  Go to

For more information!  Join us for this fun filled weekend!

River Glen Horse Trials

We just returned from River Glen Horse Trials in New Market, TN. The warm weather on Saturday gave way to a steady rain on Sunday for XC. I took Simba and Forli’s Match down to compete as well as coaching students at various levels.
Simba had a wonderful dressage test, yet again and had a nice show jumping round as well. With the steady rain falling for almost 3 hours before my XC ride on Sunday, I contemplated scratching him, since he has no shoes and River Glen is known for its steep terrain. After thinking it over, I was confident in the balance he carries himself in and decided to run him.
Simba was wonderful everywhere. He jumped though the combinations nicely and was spot on at the one stride at the up banks and at the free standing corner in the ring. He jumped bravely into the waters that can sometimes be trappy for greener horses. I was thrilled with his performance. We did pick up 60 penalty points at the very last fence. For those of you who have not been to River Glen, they have an old shed that is parallel to the river that has a table in it. The exercise asks the horse to gallop 2 strides into the shed and jump a max preliminary table, land and canter 2 strides out then through the finish flags where there are usually people standing, waiting on their riders. There is a lot happening there at that one fence. The horses are also somewhat tired at this point also from the terrain. Simba has never seen anything like it before in his life. He slowed way down so I let him take a look, took him out circled in front of the shed, then back in the shed and over the table. He was unsure but showed huge confidence by jumping the table in the dark shed! We received an unfortunate 2nd “stop” for my circle outside the shed.
Forli’s Match had a wonderful dressage test. He was settled and very relaxed. For show jumping, he was a little worried about something but I was able to work him through it and have a respectable round. This very athletic horse keeps getting better and better on XC. He cantered right around and kept a great pace. I am very excited about his potential!
I went down without my groom, Mandy Alexander, but still had plenty of help! I got in early enough to unpack the trailer and hang my sponsor banners. I was setup by the time other started to arrive. Just the way I like it! My students had great rounds as well. I want to thank everyone for their help this weekend and congratulate everyone for a JOB WELL DONE!
Next, my horses head to the KHP for May Daze! Hope to see everyone there!!!

New Web Site

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to my new web site!  I hope you will find this site easier to navigate around and follow all the happening of the CW Event Team!  Check back often for updates on shows, training and other exciting endeavors.
Let’s just start at the beginning of the year.  Viatar went down to FL a month earlier than the rest of the CW Event Team in order to work with Karen.  By the time we relocated to FL, Viatar was going well and we were looking onward to a successful year.  My plans with “V,” came to an abrupt halt when he came in from the field with a small cut on his shoulder.  After a visit from the vet, we soon learned that he had a shoulder fracture.   It appears he ran into something in the field.  “V,” will be fine and make a full recovery.  I am looking forward to putting him back into work and picking up where we left off.
Bodega was the horse I looked to next, only to find out that an injury that we had been nursing was not healing like we had hoped.  He ran great at the CCI 2* in the fall at Fair Hill and we were making a great connection on the flat.  He was really getting it!  Bodega is resting at the farm and I am hoping to put him back in work soon.
Patiently waiting in the wings for his chance to shine was Simba.  With the other two horses requiring rest, the spotlight turned to Simba.  He really blossomed into a big time horse over the winter.  He proved that when he won his OT division at Southern Pines II on his dressage score of a 25!  His frequent lessons with Karen were helpful and he is no longer the “baby” as he has come into his own.  I am looking forward to his move to preliminary.
Forli’s Match is my newest rising star. Forli is an 8yr old, TB Gelding.  He was purchased by Becky Broussard for me to ride.  He has come a very long way since his first competition in February.  His best finish so far what this past weekend at Spring Bay.  We finished 3rd and he clocked around the course like a pro.  I am beginning to feel everything click.  He will make the move to Training soon.
I was busy coaching while in FL as well.  If you check out the Student Happenings page, you will see how everyone finished up at the shows.  I am very pleased with my students.  They all worked very hard and had major accomplishments while in Ocala.
Let’s jump forward to the where we are now.  I just finished up Spring Bay. The weather was perfect!  I am glad that this local event did not seem to be effected by the economic crisis.  The divisions were full and everyone seemed happy to be out again!
Simba did his first Preliminary level competition this past weekend at Spring Bay.  He was 2nd after dressage and had a clear show jumping round.  I had a technical elimination occurred when I jumped a fence out of order on the cross country course.  Unfortunately that required us to pull up after fence 12.  However, Simba was great through the first part of the course including a tough water complex that gave some seasoned preliminary horses trouble.  I was incredibly pleased with him.
In the Novice Horse division, as I said above, I rode Forli’s Match.  Forli finished on his dressage score and was able to settle in on the XC.
In the Beginner Novice division I rode Maggie and Jalapeno.  Maggie is owned by a student of mine and I have been riding her about two times a week for a year or so.  This was Maggie’s first event and she finished 2nd on her dressage score.
Jalapeño is owned by my partner, Jess, and she loves coming out and watching him go.  Jalapeno had the winter off and was put back in work when I returned home from FL.  He had about 3 weeks to get ready and I was happy that he finished on his dressage score earning himself a 6th place ribbon.  Nothing seemed to bother him.  He just went out and happily did his job.
Thanks for visiting the site.  Next I will be heading to River Glen with Simba and Forli as well as coaching students.  Check back often to updates and in the mean time keep kicking!