Monthly Archive for August, 2009

Stuart HT, Penny Oaks HT, and Hunter’s Run HT

The CW Event Team has been busy the last few weeks.

After Champagne Run we headed up to O’Connor Equestrian in The Plains, VA to get a couple of days training in with Karen before heading to Stuart HT in Victor NY. 

That was great and off to Stuart we went.   All the horses performed well in the dressage and Viatar was the star off the weekend,  finishing 8th in the Open Intermediate.  Simba told me he was ready to have shoes on in order to negotiate the bigger Preliminary tracks, Timmy told me he does not want to do cross country ever again, and Forli told me to give him a bit of a longer look at fences he thinks are scary.

So we came home from that trip and had a fun week watching and helping with NAYRC, and I got to be an area steward for the X-C on Saturday, which was very fun.   It was also just very cool to see the new indoor arena, the reining, the great show jumping and dressage competition that happens at NAYRC every year.  I have coached teams in the past and always had fun watching the other disciplines, so it was fun to take the time to go watch again.

Penny Oaks was next on the agenda and I rode 4 horses there, Simba, who finished 2nd in the training, Maggie who also finished 2nd, Forli who jumped well but had a couple looks x-c, and a new starter, One Step Two Step known as Dylan around the barn.  Dylan only had one stop in the show jumping and was truly amazing for his first event and the amount of time I have spent with him.  He was the star of the weekend.

So off we went to Hunters Run and I am sure many of you have heard by now most of the event was completely rained out.  We all did dressage on Friday but the heavens opened Saturday morning and did not stop.  A meeting was held at 6 pm Saturday with all optimism that we were going to run Sunday, but an additional 2 inches of rain Saturday night on top of the 5 that came earlier put the lid on it.  Trees down, no electric, flooding, etc.  At 6:30 am it was announced that the competition had been cancelled.

So we got pulled out of our trailer spot at around 10 am and headed home Sunday. 

So next for the team is Richland Park, where there will be sunshine, good footing and a great competition.

Until Next time

Good Luck, Look up and Keep kicking