Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Rocking Horse III

The CW Event Team went to Rocking Horse III this weekend.  I was very busy riding 5 horses and Amanda did a great job keeping up with all my rides.


Simba started his competition on Friday.   He went over to perform his dressage test and show jump.  He scored a 31.30 in dressage and was tied for 2nd.  After show jumping several hours later, Simba broke the tie by jumping clear.  He was bold, brave, and happily galloped around the Open Preliminary cross country course.  His double clear round on cross country moved him into 1st place!  Simba and I also had the lowest score of all Preliminary divisions for the entire weekend.  The CW Event Team is very excited about this big win!


Saturday started the competition weekend for several other horses including Charlie Brown who scored a 32.50 putting him in an 8th place tie in the Open Novice division.  Charlie Brown was very well behaved in the show jumping and moved up to a tie for 7th.   He was double clean on cross country and finished 8th for the weekend. 


Next to go was Bigtime Magic in the Open Novice division.  She scored a 36.50 in dressage and was in 16th but her careful and double clear show jumping round moved her up to 12th.   This mare had a great run and was double clean on cross country moving her up to finish 11th.


Forli’s Match scored a 42.00 in dressage in the Open Novice division.  His double clear round in show jumping moved him up in the placings.  He was also a good boy jumping clean on cross country and adding only 2.40 time faults as we continue to work on his canter and balance in the open. 


Action Now was also in the Open Novice division.  This horse is getting better in the ring every time I get him out.  He was quiet and scored a 38.0 in dressage.  We had an unlucky rub in the show jumping and added 4 faults to our score but I was happy with how he jumped around.  Action also jumped double clean on cross country moving him up to have a nice finish for the weekend.


I will be home next weekend for lessons.  Please contact me to schedule those as soon as possible as I am starting to schedule them now.  I look forward to seeing all of you.  I have some students heading to Pine Top next weekend and I wish all of you luck!  And, as always, keep kicking.



Ocala Horse Trials

We had first run if the 2010 eventing season. Ocala Horse Trials was our first outing of the season and I was glad to be out again myself.

Simba’s training is really paying off and we finished the weekend 9th out of a division of 27 other competitors in the Open Preliminary. He had a respectable dressage test and jump clear n the show jumping and cross country only adding 2.4 time faults.

Forli’s Match did his dressage test but he developed a slight rub on his face and it really seemed to bother him so I withdrew. He will run this coming weekend once the rub has had some time to heal.

Action Now finished 16th out of a large Open Novice division. He scored a 38 in dressage and added only 4 penalty points in the show jumping to end the weekend on a 42. This horse is coming along very nicely and is still for sale.

We head back to Rocking Horse next weekend so check back for updates! Also, I will be flying home to teach the last weekend in February so make sure you get your lessons scheduled.

Feb. 6-7 2010

Hope all of you had a good week.
The CW event team did continuing the training in Ocala. I had two great lessons with David and then Karen working on Simba’s jumping and my position and effectiveness.
Flew home this weekend to visit family, teach, and attend the MSEDA gala, annual meeting and awards banquet.
I was pleasantly surprised to receive several awards for my horses and myself.
Jalapeno and Forli’s Match tied for second in the Masters Novice
Simba won the Masters Preliminary and Viatar was second.
I also won the Helmut Graetz Trophy for the High Point Masters.
So that was all very cool.
Heading back to Florida tomorrow and gearing up for the first competition of the year next weekend .
Until next time ….. Stay Warm
Good Luck, Look up and Keep Kicking