Monthly Archive for June, 2010

Country Heir Hunter/ Jumper Show at the Kentucky Horse Park

The CW Event Team just finished up the two week Country Heir Hunter Jumper Show at the Kentucky Horse Park. The horses were great and the gymnastics I have been working on with Frank Conway were beneficial to me and my horses at the show.

Forli jumped really well. I am extremely pleased with how quiet and focused he has become. I think he has really found his niche in the show jumping. His classic style and flashy look makes him stand out. He is for sale. Call for an appointment to try him. You won’t be disappointed.

Simba did the Medium and High Schooling Jumpers quite successfully at KHP. He has become stronger and is really powering off the ground and around the fences. I am having a great time furthering his education.

Many of you have asked me my opinion of the Point2 Air Vest. I just purchased one for myself and believe in the product. I had one inflated on me and I felt very protected and my neck was stable. I know they are costly but I encourage all of you to look into making this purchase for your own safety. One ride in the ambulance will cost you more than this vest. I have a few recommendations for you if you decide to make this purchase. 1. If you have two jump saddles and plan to use your Point2 Air Vest with both saddles, buy the extra strap that you attach your rip cord to. Switching these out can be difficult and time consuming. 2. Purchase at least one extra canister to have on hand and keep a reserve canister on-hand at all times.

Please visit for ordering information. Also, when ordering please mention my name as they are trying to keep up with the number of professionals’ students that are ordering the vests. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The CW Event Team leaves Thursday for Surefire Horse Trials and straight from there we head to O’Connor Camp for a week. We will be returning home the first weekend in July. Continue to check my calendar for updates. Pay attention to the little things that will paint the entire picture. Until next time, keep kicking!

May Daze 2010

The CW Event Team just finished up a busy Memorial Day weekend at May Daze Horse Trials at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was great to see everyone out showing. I rode five horses this weekend so I was really busy and apologize I did not have time to visit much.
I rode two horses in the Novice Horse division. Going to Seattle finished 14th in the division on a 48.5 and Ready for April finished 11th with a 47.0. I was happy with the performance both of these greener horses had this weekend as they both moved up a level.
In the Open Novice division I rode, Quite a Lady, (owned by Jane Beshear), and she was phenomenal! She finished on her dressage score of a 27.8 and in first place!!
In the Open Training division I rode, Action Now and Maggie. Action finished 12th at his first time at this level. He was good in his dressage and jumped a beautiful clear round in the show jumping. He also was clear x-c but incurred a few time faults as I showed him the water before asking him to jump over the log in to it. He has been a bit looky there and I wanted to insure success. It worked very well as he jumped very bravely in after knowing exactly where he was going! Maggie jumped around the show jumping but unfortunately had a heal grab so I decided it best to withdraw her for XC on Sat.
I will be in and out of town over the next few weeks teaching clinics and such so please check my calendar and schedule your lessons! Right now there is a little lull in the horse trial schedule so let’s get some homework done and make sure those tools are in your tool box before your next horse trial!
We have several new pictures posted throughout the web page! When you have time, check them out!
Until next time, keep kicking!