Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Richland Park HT 2010

What an exciting weekend. The CW Event Team competed in the Richland Horse Trials last weekend. It is always a really well run event with World Class competitors. This year was no exception.
Ready For April competed in both the Novice HT and the 5 Year Old Young Event Horse. GoingToSeattle also competed in the novice division. And, Simba went to run around the preliminary track.

Ready finished 2nd in the Young Event Horse and 3rd in the Horse trials. I am really excited about this horse. He has what it takes to become an upper level event horse and now, thanks to Becky Broussard, I am going to be able to make that happen. Becky purchased Ready this weekend and I will keep the ride on him. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Thank you Becky!!

Slewboy was better both in dressage and on XC. I am still working on his balance in the canter so in the SJ ring so he can leave the rails in the cups. He is very brave but not super careful!!
Simba started off the weekend really well. He was great in dressage placing third. On Saturday, he jumped around a solid preliminary course that was full of combinations and crowds of people. We were eight seconds under time which is right where I wanted to be. He has really improved his gallop. We were still in 3rd going into SJ on Sunday. Unfortunately we dropped three rails, I rode too conservatively in the first line, ended up chasing a bit to the second and he didn’t like that!! The three rails dropped us right out of the ribbons:(. Carry on with the practice!

A big thanks to Kate, Ellen, Stacy, Suzie and her Mom- Maureen, Devon, and Donna for all of your help this weekend. My new groom had a family wedding to attend so I was on my own on the drive up and back but everyone was a huge help!!

The team heads to the American Eventing Championships in two weeks! See you there!

Flying Cross Farm August 2010

The CW Event Team had another successful weekend at Flying Cross Farm this past weekend. I only rode Simba this weekend but coached several students.
Simba was obedient in the dressage so I was a little disappointed in his score of 36.1 putting him in 7th to begin the weekend. He was super clean and fast on XC and moved up to 6th. Heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled in Sunday morning as we prepared to show jump. The storm left us with a soaked show jumping course and on a two hour delay. Simba was one of only a few clean show jumping rounds so he moved up to 3rd to finish the weekend. I was very please with how well he and I show jumped this weekend.
I leave with Simba, Ready, and Slew Boy, Wednesday morning to head up to Richland Park. I am heading up a day early to have a lesson with Karen before the competition begins on Thursday. I will keep you posted!

What’s New….

Hope everyone is staying hydrated and riding early in the morning or later in the evening to stay as cool as possible. This hot weather will break soon. We’ve been very lucky in that the new covered ring is about 20 degrees cooler since it is shaded and with its openness we are able to catch any small breeze that blows.
The CW Event Team heads to Flying Cross next weekend. Simba will be running the Area VIII Championships. With the year he has had, he is already a champion to us. Make sure you check the answering machine for course walk times, text, or e-mail me. I am not stabling so it may be difficult to catch me there.
The weekend after we head to Richland Horse Trials in Richland, MI. I will be taking the three boys up for the weekend. I know it will be a great run for them all as we prepare for the AEC coming up in September.
The CW Event Team is happy to announce my new groom, Katie Robison . She has a horse competing at the preliminary level and I am lucky to have her on the team. We are sad that Amanda Volle has finished her agreed time as my groom. She will be a sophmore at Midway College this fall and most of you know how I feel about college educations, so although I will miss her and the fabulous job she did for me, I am happy to see her get the school thing going a bit more seriously! She will still be part of the team, just not my groom!!
The fall season is quickly approaching. Schedule your lessons so you are ready to go! See you soon!