Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Poplar Place March 2011

Greetings from the stretch of I-75 somewhere between Hamilton, Ga and Lexington. We had a good weekend here at the show. Simba started out with a very workmanlike test on Friday. I have been really working on developing more action in his gaits and it must be working because he scored at 23.6!! What a champ!  The training horses Ready and Slewboy each put in very good tests, both becoming steadier and more disciplined with every outing. the Training cross country ran early Saturday morning. I was instructed by my groom not to fall off this time. She said changing the cartrige in my Point 2 Air vest was way to difficult! The course seemed challenging with plenty to do but our boys handled it well and came back to barn a little smarter. I was proud of their clean rounds as it is only their second Training. Simba had show-jumping next and put in a clean round to keep his first place standing. I have been working hard to keep his step coming to jumps instead of setting up too early and I am thrilled with the way Simba is jumping. Poplar always has a lovely, open, foward feeling show-jumping and Simba stepped right up to make it look easy. Sunday we awoke to dark skies and looming thunderstorms but luckily only had to take cover once or twice. Simba jumped a very brave cross country round and seemed to have every ounce of confidence back after our last outing. I’m not sure he even remebers that  we parted ways last time out, woops!  The optimum time was a bit challenging but he finished the weekend in second place! I am so proud of the nearly perfect weekend he had! Slewboy jumped next and showed some improvement in the showjumping. He did have a few rails but also had some very nice moments. Ready was last to go on Sunday. I’m not sure if it was the gloomy weather or if Ready had a monster after him but he was extra spooky going into the ring. He really got his act together during the course and jumped well. We were all packed up and got the horses loaded quickly for the drive home.
It was a tough weekend for the sport at Poplar and Southern Pines so I am especially thankful for my good weekend and the happy, safe horses I have in the trailer now. Give your horse an extra pat this week and keep kicking!

Rocking Horse Winter III

This past weekend we headed to Rocking Horse Farm for their Winter III Horse Trials.  We were excited to have some company from home, Amanda Volle and Brittany Jones, who drove down for some lessons and the competition.  After a solid week of lessons and hard work we loaded up the trailers, eager to gain more experience.  What an experience it was!  The weekend proved to be an educational and slightly tough one, but we can’t win them all, can we?

Friday afternoon Simba put in a great dressage test for his first Intermediate.  He scored a 36.0 and I was very pleased with his work ethic.  As usual for Rocking Horse, the show jumping course was big and twisty.  It proved to be a challenge for almost everyone and I hope Rocking Horse might re-evaluate it for future shows.  Simba had several rails down but tried his heart out and I felt he actually did get better as the course went on.  He certainly thought the jumps were a little big!  I walked around the cross country course again and headed home to get ready for the next day.

Saturday started on a great note with Slewboy winning the dressage in his Training division!  What a star!  He didn’t get to continue the weekend, but we will get to that in a minute.  Ready put in a good test, improving on his last score by several points.  He is still a little green in the ring, but was much steadier this time out.  Simba had cross country next and we made it all the way around to the second to last fence which was an ABC combo with a corner at the B element.  He ran out at the corner, taking the flag down.  I tried to get him over the corner on a second attempt but without the flag, it didn’t happen.  I was believing with EVERYTHING that he would stay straight but he jumped up and way to the left and I couldn’t stay with him. :(  I came off underneath him and got kicked around a bit.  My vest blew up, which was kinda fun :)  Anyway, we are both fine.  I had my foot x-rayed this morning to make sure it wasn’t broken but it is only badly bruised.  I decided to scratch the training horses because my foot was very painful.  This was a disappointing ending to the weekend but thankfully, we are both ok and will be back to tackle another course soon.

If the foot is not too painful, I am eager to take advantage of all the opportunities here in our last week.  There are tons of new cross-country jumps still to be jumped and maybe some show jumping rounds.  I think all of the competition horses will benefit from it.

I am soaking up all the sun and warmth down here.  We will head back next Monday, March 14th!  See you soon and keep kicking!