Rocking Horse III

Hey there!  This weekend we took the team down to Rocking Horse III to compete. Ready, Slewboy, and Rica all went down as well as Alston’s Charlie Brown and Alexa’s Brownie.

In case you looked at the results,  I felt Ready was good in dressage,  didn’t score so well. First time I have ever had a horse who loves flying changes so keeping the counter canter is hard. He just broke early on the left lead, so no switching. In show jumping I’ve been having a lot of lessons with Karen on not chasing to the jump,  improving the quality of canter and squaring the turns to keep the good canter. He  jumped one and two well, got behind my leg and stopped at three, then jumped all the way through the next 11 fences well. Unfortunately I saw the long distance to the Swedish and Karen is in my head saying don’t chase and grab the first distance, so I waited and he got crooked (straightness is the no. 1 rider responsibility!) and ran out. That made 2 disobediences and thus we were eliminated.  I’m happy I rode my plan, not happy that we didn’t complete, but always an optimist,  I am on the path to affirming the details and we go on.
Slewboy and Rica both went novice this weekend and both had great weekends! Slewboy started off with a 30 after a really lovely dressage test. He went on to have two unfortunate rails in stadium but then had a fantastic cross country to finish in 6th place! Rica also had a solid dressage score of 33.5. Not as impressive as her previous scores but still very happy with her performance! She acted like a real pro this weekend and was relaxed and calm in the warm-ups and on her hand walks around the show grounds. Her stadium jumping round was consistent and relaxed so even though she also had a couple of rails I was really proud of her. Rica also was incredibly brave on the cross county. The jumps were never an issue, just all the Spanish moss flying in the wind!
Alexa had a great weekend with Brownie finishing in first on her dressage score of 28.6! Alston also had a good weekend and had a fluid and consistent dressage test on Charlie Brown and a good show jump round too!
I’m headed up to Red Hills  next weekend to coach Alexa in her first CIC** on her horse In Any Event (aka Mitch). Good luck to Alexa and Mitch and I’ll check in again after we get back to Kentucky!

I drive home with the horses Monday the 12th. So email or call me to get your lessons scheduled. Stay tuned for cross country schoolings and jump around dates.

Until next time.

Good Luck, Look up and Keep Kicking!!!

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