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ICP Certification and MSEDA HT & 3-Day Event

We’ve had a lot going on since I returned home from Fair Hill.

This past Tuesday- Thursday Carriage Station Farm hosted an ICP certification for Levels I- IV. The candidates were able to show their knowledge of teaching while being assessed at their level.

I am very pleased to report that I passed my Level IV ICP Certification. I am happy to add this to my resume.

Last weekend was the Mid- South Team Challenge Horse Trials and 3-Day Event. It was great to be back coaching students at the Kentucky Horse Park. The WEG has been in control of the park for quite some time. A big thanks to Mary Fike and her volunteers for basically going straight from WEG into Mid- South. They had 10 days to get the park ready for a record number of people to compete at the horse trials. Of course they pulled it off.

I did not compete myself but designed the show jumping courses and coached all weekend. The most notable rides for the weekend were Devon Gaines and Ginger Spice, WINNING the National CCI1* Amateur Championship! This was the pairs’ 1st CCI 1*. They have worked hard all year and this win is well deserved. The other was Kate Fitzgerald and I’ve Got a Star winning the Training Team Challenge. Great job to the both of you!

Pam Kimmel, Morgan Garret, and Suzie Harrison all rode as well. Pam had a good time running the training 3-day, Morgan and Suzie also had a fun weekend jumping around their levels. Morgan is competing at Octoberfest this weekend and Suzie heads to Poplar to finish the year.

My horses are all back in work as we head into late fall and the weather is finally turing colder. I am excited about the horses that I have going to Ocala this winter and the training that we will be able to get done both here at home and in Ocala. I am already looking forward to 2011.

Until next time…. Keep Kicking-


Fair Hill 2010

Ready for April was super as he performed on his first championship stage this weekend at Fair Hill International.
The dressage test for the 5 year old event horse competition is very similar to the movements asked in a preliminary dressage test. He was steady and confident in all of his lateral work in the dressage phase. The crowds and the atmosphere did not bother him one bit.
He completed the jumping phase like a champion. These fences can be quite large for the 5 year olds but Ready handled it perfectly.
Of course the competition was tough but I’m pleased to report that Ready finished 11th with the scores close together for the most part.
The judges were able to get a small glimpse of this horse. I have the advantage of knowing what an extremely talented horse I have. Keep your eye out for this one. He’s very special.
I will be at Mid- South next weekend and hope to see everyone back at our home park! It’s going to be great to have it back.
Until then…
Keep kicking!

Poplar Place HT Sept 2010

With Simba being on a well deserved vacation, I had only the babies to ride this weekend at Poplar. They traveled well and I was happy that the temperatures finally cooled.

Both of the boys had really strong finishes this weekend and I was pleased with how well they jumped around this fall course.

Goingtoseattle was in 2nd after dressage on a 34.0 and help that placing by being clean and within the time on XC. He had three down in the show jumping which dropped us to 7th but we are continuing to work on that.

Ready For April, now owned by Becky Broussard, scored a 39.0 in dressage and was really good on the XC and move up to 2nd place. On Sunday, we had one down but stayed in 2nd to finish the weekend.

Hope all of you have a chance to get out to WEG. I know I am looking forward to being out there and I hope to see you there.

The American Eventing Championships Sept. 2010

The AEC were everything we expected it to be. It was BIG, exciting, and absolutely beautiful. Chattahoochee Hills is a world class event and I am looking forward to returning in the near future. They were able to host this event with 702 entries. Things ran smoothly, the traffic flowed, and everyone was helpful. The detail that Carl Bouckaert has put into this facility is unreal. It is definitely a horse trial to add to your MUST DO list.
The Preliminary Horse division Simba was entered in started with 62 competitors. There were three dressage rings set up side by side in the large ring so the energy was really high in the dressage area. Simba was somewhat inattentive in the ring this weekend. He scored a 35.7 from the judge at E, a 33.9 from the judge at C, for a combined total score of 34.8 putting us in a tie for 19th after dressage.
Simba was clean and fast on this championship XC course. We ran in the late afternoon and it was about 95 degrees and the humidity was high. It took all the horses a little longer to cool down than normal but I was very happy with his level of fitness. He moved into 15th after XC.
The OP show jumped in the bottom ring. Simba had an unlucky rub, dropping one rail in the show jumping. We finished 26th for the weekend. It has been a very long and successful year for Simba and me. He will now get a well deserved break before we begin our winter training and make the trek to Florida.
Be sure to check the calendar for the other boys that will continue competing through the fall. See you out there.

Richland Park HT 2010

What an exciting weekend. The CW Event Team competed in the Richland Horse Trials last weekend. It is always a really well run event with World Class competitors. This year was no exception.
Ready For April competed in both the Novice HT and the 5 Year Old Young Event Horse. GoingToSeattle also competed in the novice division. And, Simba went to run around the preliminary track.

Ready finished 2nd in the Young Event Horse and 3rd in the Horse trials. I am really excited about this horse. He has what it takes to become an upper level event horse and now, thanks to Becky Broussard, I am going to be able to make that happen. Becky purchased Ready this weekend and I will keep the ride on him. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. Thank you Becky!!

Slewboy was better both in dressage and on XC. I am still working on his balance in the canter so in the SJ ring so he can leave the rails in the cups. He is very brave but not super careful!!
Simba started off the weekend really well. He was great in dressage placing third. On Saturday, he jumped around a solid preliminary course that was full of combinations and crowds of people. We were eight seconds under time which is right where I wanted to be. He has really improved his gallop. We were still in 3rd going into SJ on Sunday. Unfortunately we dropped three rails, I rode too conservatively in the first line, ended up chasing a bit to the second and he didn’t like that!! The three rails dropped us right out of the ribbons:(. Carry on with the practice!

A big thanks to Kate, Ellen, Stacy, Suzie and her Mom- Maureen, Devon, and Donna for all of your help this weekend. My new groom had a family wedding to attend so I was on my own on the drive up and back but everyone was a huge help!!

The team heads to the American Eventing Championships in two weeks! See you there!